From 1912

To Today

About Bar X

Bar X Ranch got its start in 1912 when Peter and Earl Vandehei, my great grandfathers, trailed 12 head of Hereford cows to a small acre patch 15 miles west of Lagrange, WY. Here they stuck a stake in the ground and said “this is my Homestead”. The ol’ boys had sod houses and grit. Fast forward 100 years and 5 generations later we may not raise hereford cows but we still take great pride in living this life. 

Just like parenting, it takes a village to run Bar X Ranch. My wife, Taryn, and our two kids, Zoey and Lakson live and work the ranch together along with trusted mentor and life-long friend Mike Vinton.

Kyle Kilty, Bar X Owner

we expect our cattle to
portray these 5 things


Few acres to run many cows

Good Mothers

Who has the time to mother all the calves if the mother isn’t?


No one likes to check an ugly cow!

Well Tempered

There are too many gentle cattle in this world to mess with a wild one


Small time frame x little resources = big calf



We use the highest quality herd sires and AI sires



A calf is born between February 1 and March 30



A calf is weaned in October



Fed free choice ground grass hay and at most 6 pounds of protein pellets and 3 pounds of corn per day



Offering bulls by private treaty, starting April 1, free delivery before May 1

Commonly asked questions

Yes, the majority of our bulls we sell are low birth weight calving ease bulls with growth performance.

Yes, we have the first breeding season guarantee.

No, The bulls are always fed in the 300 acre pasture with different terrain to challenge their development and ability to travel. We feel this best prepares them for a realistic breeding season vs. sitting in a feedlot.

Yes, all over our bulls are DNA tested. All of our bulls are tested to confirm parentage, BVD,  angus GS test (angus specific gene markers for improving accuracy for EPD’s)

Yes your bull will be semen tested before delivery by Dr. Paul Forstrom with Cactus Veterinarian.